Al haj Nader Azamy

Acsa President

Al Haj Azamy’s charitable efforts date back to his years before arriving to Australia in the early 90’s

Al Haj Arif Anwaryar 

Public Relation Officer

One of his greatest ambitions is to promote and nurture his religion and culture in Australia.


Al Haj Mateen Tokhi 


Mr Abdul Mateen Tokhi arrived in Australia in 1992 and since then have been helping and supporting the Afghan Community in NSW.

Al Haj Noorul Haq Yousufzai

Religious Affairs


Mr Shams Wasseh 



Mr Mansur Mansuri 

Youth and Sport

His focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles.

Mr Babrak Karmand

Building and Maintanance

Haji Babrak is highly experienced builder who assisted building Hazrat Osman (ra) Masjid

Al Haj Gul Afghan Zaman 

Cultural Affairs


Al Haj Bibi Mariam Latifi 

Women and Education

Mariam is an experienced classroom teacher. She is also a qualified ESL teacher.