Establishment of the Afghan Community Support Association on NSW

ACSA (Afghan Community Support Association) was established in 1978 by a small number of newly arrived Afghan migrants.

Need for community gathering

In 1990, ACSA, led by Engineer Ehsan who established the commencement of Friday prayers for the community. The congregational prayers were lead by Ustadh Noor ul Haq Yusufzai at Westmead community hall. The gathering at the time was only 40 to 50 Afghans. With the advice and initiative of Mr Hakim Deshsabzi, the community began to raise funds to purchase land for the development of a mosque.

Purchasing and initiation of development

With the leadership of Dr. Kabir Hamid, the ACSA purchased a church in Blacktown from the Vietnamese community and development of a Mosque was initiated

Planning for the construction of a new Mosque.

Mr. Mehdi Baqoyee initiated construction of a new mosque and the planning phase for the construction of mosque had commenced.
Early 2000

Draft plan of mosque submitted to the local Council for approval

With the assistance of Engineer Wali Hakim, the association drafted a plan for submission and Council approval for the construction of a new mosque. However, the Council of Blacktown did not approve this proposal.

Land and Environment Court

Blacktown Council rejected the proposed plan for the construction of a new mosque. ACSA continued to work and make appropriate changes to the draft plan and proceeded to re-submit their plan. With the grace of Allah, the council approved to build a new mosque.

New President – Mohammad Nader Azamy

In June 2010, Al Haj Mohammad Nader Azamy was elected as a new president of ACSA. With his proactivity and long-term vision, Mr Azamy took the mosque project from planning and initiated the construction phase. His challenge was to raise funds to kick start construction of the mosque. Through his hard work and dedication, Mr Azamy co-ordinated many fund raising events which made the dream of Afghan community in NSW come true.

First fundraising event

The initial fundraising event was held in July 2011 in Lidcombe. Over 500 people attended and donated to this noble cause. The generous donations were used to commence the construction phase of the mosque.

Lock up Stage

With the help of Allah (SWT), the donations raised allowed four stages of the Mosque project to be completed, these stages were: 1) Purchasing of previous premises and converting it into a mosque 2) Demolition of the old mosque 3) Excavation 4) Purchasing the bricks for the mosque (At this stage ACSA needed further $900,000 to complete the project)

Final Fundraising

By 2013, $900,000 was required to complete the construction of the mosque. ACSA invited community members for a final fundraising event. Again, the fund raising was held at Lidcombe. Over 400 people attended to generously donated. The donations provided that added push to acquire the necessary funding to complete the construction of the mosque with the help of Allah (SWT). It is important to note that many other small fundraising events were held alongside such major events in order to help build the mosque.

Mosque Grand Opening

With the help of Allah (SWT), the mosque was officially opened to members of the public on the 26th of January 2014. Muslims members of the community were able to now attend for their five daily prayers and the Friday congregation prayer. At this stage, the mosque was complete however electrician, plumber and architect fees still remained.
Mid 2014

ACSA's Biggest Election

ACSA’s committee elections were held after the construction of the mosque on the 1st of July 2014. Approximately 1000 people attended to vote for their community leaders. The Election was held in Amity College Auburn. A new committee was elected wit Mr Mohammad Nader Azamy chosen to be the president of ACSA once again.
February 2016

Debt Free Mosque

On 12th of February 2016, with the help of Allah (SWT), the mosque was officially debt free.