Our Projects

ACSA is committed to heloing people. Below are some of the project we are working on: 


ACSA has been working towards taking orphans off the street in Afghanistan and placing them in schools. The funds used for this project cover each student's fee, uniform, books, stationary, and provide their families with financial support where necessary. 


ACSA has made an agreement with Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kabul (the only pediatric hospital in Afghanistan).

The pediatric hospital was founded in 1966 and is made up of 300-350 beds, but there are usually double the number of children who are admitted in the hospital. It is not unusual for one bed to be shared by 2 or 3 patients. The hospital is critically under resourced, with only one blood analysis machine, a handful of oxygen tanks, only one suction pump and one incubator.

In the time we have been actively working with this hospital we have successfully funded the refurbishment of the Burns Unit, the Surgical Treatment Unit and also provide monthly insulin dosages for the Diabetic Ward..

The Children’s Hospital still requires funding for medical equipment and supplies, renovation of other units and staff training. Without medical attention for the children of Afghanistan the future of the people of Afghanistan is put at a great risk. Together, we can change the future of these children who have been affected by the consequences of war.

With your ongoing support and donations we can provide these children with a better and healthier future. By donating to the only pediatric hospital in Afghanistan, you will be contributing to saving a child’s life and giving them the essential right to life.

With your support we hope to extend this work to other hospitals and health facilities throughout Afghanistan to help build a sustainable healthcare system.

Sponsorship Program

ACSA’s sponsorship program provides direct financial support to such families. The families who are part of the sponsorship program do not have breadwinners in the family and therefore, struggle to provide their families with one proper meal a day. The aid they receive goes towards their rent, food and clothing for the family.

By sponsoring a family, donors make donations on a monthly basis. Your monthly donations provide each family with food, education, clothing, medical supplies (if needed), water and suitable housing. Most importantly the donations provide these families with dignity and self-integrity.

Your donation can go a long way for those in need and will help enable the less privileged to start a change in Afghanistan.

Well project 

Over 1 billion children worldwide live without basic sanitation, leading to many waterborne diseases. In rural Afghanistan, 73% of the population lives with the reality of contaminated water every day, leading to poor sanitation and hygiene.

ACSA is active with the construction of wells, providing a safe source of water to as many Afghan communities as possible. We aims to eliminate unhygienic environments and waterborne diseases, creating a safe, secure and healthier community.


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