The ACSA new board members are committed to constantly make a positive difference in the community and the starting point has been Education.

ACSA’s youth program is an exciting non-profit initiative with the goal of helping the community’s youth meet the essential religious, social, health, educational and cultural needs by ensuring they are actively engaged in the community. ACSA also aims to continuously provide a safe and entertaining environment to learn about their faith from qualified religious scholars and also socialise with other members of

We aim to develop a youth program to produce productive, informed and progressive community members to not only serve the Australian-Afghan community but also the greater Australian community.

We endeavour to ensure the youth have the chance to grow in an Islamic environment, achieve their full potential and be the leaders of tomorrow.


Services for the youth include but not limited to:

  • BBQ in the Park
  • Yearly Indoor Soccer Tournaments
  • Table Tennis Tournaments
  • Video Game Day During School Holidays
  • Volleyball
  • Counselling Services
  • Camping
  • Tutoring